One of the things I love about anal toys is that everyone can use them! Regardless of whether you have a penis, vagina, or something in between, everyone has a butt!! Those unfamiliar with butt play may say, “Ewwww how can that feel good?” For people with penises, butt play feels good because stimulating the prostate feels amazing. A purple Tantus Ryder butt plug lying partially on top of an iPhone 4s

So when Tantus had an amazing grab bag sale and I saw that the Ryder was part of it, I had to get it! (The grab bag yields random colors, hence why mine is a slightly darker purple than is standard.) And boy, am I glad I did! The Tantus Ryder silicone butt plug was a wonderful way to start exploring anal pleasure (although I did have anal sex once before), but for a beginner, it did have a bit of a learning curve.

How do you feel about the Tantus Ryder

When I examined it, I thought, “This thing is big!! How will it fit in my butt?” (The plug is 1.5” in diameter, the bulb is 3” long, and the total insertable length is 4”.) Then I quickly realized that much larger things have been in my butt (my boyfriend’s penis once before, and of course, poop). So then after going to the bathroom, I just put a bit of Sliquid Sea on the Ryder, bent over about 60 degrees, spread my legs, and slid it in very slowly.

Insertion was fine, except when approaching the narrow neck. The feeling after inserting the widest part felt strange and uncomfortable to me, but it did slide in easier at this point. It didn’t hurt; it was just uncomfortable. (Insertion is a lot better if you warm up first!)

The plug provided a filling feeling (but not really a stretching feeling). At first, it was weird, and my body felt like it wanted to poop it out. I felt its presence most when I breathed; I could feel my muscles contracting a bit. It felt strange when I moved too, especially walking around. The plug always stays put without any effort, and does not try to slide out.

These feelings of weirdness passed fairly quickly – it just takes getting used to! (The discomfort of insertion diminishes but is still there if you don’t warm up.) If you’ve used other butt plugs before, you’ll probably be fine right away (although warm up always helps), but for a first-time user, the feeling took a little while to be pleasurable. The first time, it became pleasurable after about 20 minutes, and that time kept decreasing with each subsequent trial. The third time I used it, just wearing the plug got me horny enough to grab a vibrator and watch Tristan Taormino’s Chemistry. (Speaking of which, I’m getting horny just thinking about this situation. Time for a porn break!)

I masturbated several times with the plug in, and just like the filling feeling, it felt a bit weird at first. Whenever I orgasm with the plug in, I can feel my muscles clench around it. This felt weird the first time, but never painful, just strange. Then it started to get awesome. I would really love to try wearing it during vaginal sex, because I bet that would be awesome too. (Has anyone done this with the Ryder? Let me know in the comments!)

When my boyfriend came to visit, we discovered another awesome use for it: warm up for butt sex! The plug is large enough to warm up for anal, but not large enough to require any warm up itself. The Ryder is also a little squishy, which makes insertion, wear, and removal more comfortable. (If you’re an über novice to butt play before using this, are a bit nervous about the idea, or just want to feel more comfortable, you may need warm up before putting the plug in.) Basically, when I’m craving a dick in my ass, I use the bathroom, grab the Ryder, put some lube on it, and slide it in. Then we just do stuff with our genitals for at least 10 minutes or so, and then take out the plug and put the dick in its place. Works like a charm! (Doesn’t mean you can skip out on lube for anal sex though! You still need lots of it, because of the friction involved with sex.) It also feels great when you press a vibrator on the base; the vibrations carry through the silicone very well.

I don’t know if I’d suggest this for long term wear; the base does not lay flat against the body. It does lay vertically between the cheeks, but it still sticks out a bit. It may be slightly visible if you’re wearing pants. It’s comfortable for long term wear, though, unlike plugs with round bases!

For removal, I bent over like I did when inserting it. Once I got past the rounded bottom, the rest slid out very easily. It did feel like I was pooping it out, but as I’ve come to learn, that’s often the case when toys/fingers/penises are removed from your ass.

One of the only things I dislike about the Ryder is the fact that it is a lint magnet. Lint, hair, fibers, etc. will stick to it very easily. It’s therefore usually necessary to quickly rinse it off before playtime.

Overall, if you’re a total beginner to anal play, I don’t know if I’d suggest this. I’m a bit of a daring person who isn’t afraid to push my limits a little, so it was fine for me, but not all beginners. If you’re a beginner who is fine with a learning curve, or have some experience with anal play, I would definitely recommend this. Otherwise, I’d suggest trying a smaller plug first and then get the Ryder once you’re more comfortable! (Beck, Dizzygirl, and ArchVixen recommend the Doc Johnson Mood Naughty plugs. A Roll in the Hay and Ima Godiva suggest the Njoy Pure Plug small.)

Seriously, this plug is great. Go get one.

How do you feel about the Tantus Ryder? Do you love it? Are you gonna go get one? Let me know in the comments below! Also, this is my first toy review, so if you have any comments, suggestions, or constructive criticism, please let me know!

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