I’ve always wanted to do Kegel exercises (mostly for the better orgasms part, since I don’t need a tighter vagina), but I’m also lazy. Clenching my PC muscles? BOORRRRINNNNGGG. So when I discovered the luna beads in boxmagic of Kegel balls (specifically LELO Luna Beads), I was like OMGEEEZZZ THIS DOES THE WORK FOR ME! When they’re worn, they induce reflexive contractions of your PC muscles, so you don’t even have to think about it!

Luna Beads are basically translucent ABS plastic balls (beads) with smaller weighted balls inside of them. Four of these beads are included. The two pink beads are 28 grams each, and the two blue beads are 37 grams each. One bead of each color has a retrieval cord attached to it (kind of like how tampons have strings attached to them so you can pull them out).

always wanted to do Kegel exercises

The Luna Beads are a mix-and-match set. You can use one bead by itself (use a bead with a retrieval cord for this!), both pink beads together, both blue beads together, or one pink bead with one blue bead. When you use two beads at once, you put them in the silicone girdle, so you can pull both of them out easily. I usually use both pink beads together, but that’s only because I forgot that the pink beads were the lighter beads. I just tried the heavier beads and I can definitely feel the difference; they definitely feel heavier, and my muscle contractions are stronger.

I am only 20 years old and don’t engage in vaginal intercourse regularly (my boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship, so we have sex about once a month or so), and I also don’t usually masturbate with dildos or inserting vibrators into my vagina. Therefore, my vagina is not very used to penetration. It especially hates round objects. Something about the shape just makes inserting them more painful than inserting something straight. I am not normally aroused when I put in my Luna Beads, so inserting them is more painful than it would be otherwise, even if I use plenty of water-based lube. As soon as the entire bead is inserted though, it just falls into place. It legitimately feels like a small drop, from the tight vaginal opening into the larger vaginal canal. Then of course I have to get the other bead in. It’s a bit less painful, because I have the “you can do it!” motivation since I just inserted one right beforehand. (Removal is not as painful as insertion – easier out than in!)

Once the beads are in place, you can barely feel them, if at all. (It’s kind of like wearing a tampon in this respect.) But when you move, then the fun starts! The little balls roll around inside the larger beads, and it feels so fucking cool. At first, it was strange, since I’d never felt anything like it before, but it was still awesome, right from the beginning! The feeling is sort of like vibration, but a natural vibration instead of vibration powered by electricity.

Wearing the beads does stimulate my G spot slightly, and gets me aroused, but in no way can bring me anywhere close to an orgasm. However, they’re not made to induce orgasms, so that’s totally okay. But they often give me the urge to masturbate, especially when I’m reading about sex toys. (I’m looking at you, Ruffled Sheets!)

Despite my original intentions, I haven’t really used the Luna Beads for Kegel exercising purposes. I don’t have a regular routine in place, and I’ve only used the beads about 8 times, so I haven’t noticed a difference in my orgasms or vaginal tightness. I mainly use Luna Beads because luna beads with boxthey are so much fun to wear! They make even the most mundane tasks more interesting. Often, if I’m unmotivated to do something (homework, going to Target, etc.), I’ll pop in my Luna Beads and go do it, since it’s so much more exciting with balls rolling around in my vagina! They are comfortable for long term wear, and I often leave them in for several hours. (Yes, you can pee with them in. I wouldn’t try pooping with them in, though.)

What makes long term wear even cooler is the fact that the Luna Beads come with a handy (and discreet) satin storage bag! (It’s only big enough for two beads, though.) If you’re out and about with your beads in and you need to take them out for some reason, just put them into the storage bag! (If you don’t wash them before doing this, make sure to wash the beads, girdle, and bag afterwards to get all the vag gunk off.) The Luna Beads also come with a pretty black storage box. It has LELO printed on the top, but you can barely see it, and it’s a pretty innocuous name anyway. I feel perfectly comfortable leaving the box out in plain sight, since it’s so simple and not suggestive at all. It kind of looks like a box that an expensive bracelet or watch would be stored in.

LELO recommends the Luna Beads Mini for vagina-owners who are under 30 and/or have not experienced childbirth. They are smaller than the regular Luna Beads (1.14” in diameter instead of 1.41”, according to SheVibe), which makes them less painful to put in, and also gives those with tighter vaginas a better workout, since it’s harder to hold smaller balls inside you. However, I’ve heard they can be a bit noisy, and since I didn’t want people to hear the balls, I got the Luna Beads Original. (I think LELO has fixed the noisiness of the Mini ones, though.)

Besides the pain upon insertion (which isn’t a fault of the beads themselves, but rather my vagina), there are only a couple things I don’t like about the Luna Beads. The silicone girdle attracts a bit of lint, but not nearly as much as Tantus toys do. A quick rinse before use fixes this. Also, for some reason, sometimes I can’t feel the vibrations at all. I try moving and nothing happens! I have no idea why this happens, but it’s not frequent, and passes fairly quickly.

I’m also not a fan of the light blue/pink color scheme. It is pretty much the opposite of sexy. Light pink OR light blue would have been fine when paired with, say, white, but TOGETHER? It reminds me of baby showers. Baby showers are the opposite of sexy, and thinking about them turns me off.pretty blue luna beads

Other than those minor issues, the LELO Luna Beads are pretty fucking cool. It’s a novel sensation for me, and one that I thoroughly enjoy. The beads are simple to use, safe, and sturdy, and are an excellent way to exercise your PC muscles, get a little aroused, or just make everyday tasks more interesting. You can get them from any sex shop.

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