Between love and bubbles

We are in a time where innovating is an art so we will try to take advantage of the opportunity to show that you can have a moment of relaxation, romance and sexual fun at the same time.

It’s the jacuzzi itself.

hot jacuzzi sexy bubbles

Whirlpool Jacuzzis help stimulate the body’s senses and increase sensations during orgasm.

Some tips for this moment are:

In order to begin we must prepare our skin and enter the climate for that it would be advisable to massage with some oil with aphrodisiacs or special essences.

A very personal recommendation but that can have a good result is to regulate the temperature of the water since we do not all like the same to reach an agreement with your companion can be a good detail to begin with.

The bubbles are not only fun, they are also a very sexy detail so adding some of them can be a good combo and if we have them in our drink we will have a perfect moment, not in vain it is said that “the champagne puts us mimosas”.

If we are going to play with any sex toy we must remember that it must be water resistant and if we have to recommend from this place the best ally is Satisfyer Pro 2.

Last but not least, let us remember that if we don’t have one, hotels can always be our allies. Many of the high rotation hotels have very beautiful rooms that can provide a unique and special moment for us.

I hope that I have motivated you enough to take advantage of our jacuzzi or that you have taken the reserves.

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